Secret Session

Secret Session

— Funivie Madonna di Campiglio

We made this short documentary for Funivie Madonna di Campiglio. We shot it inside Ursus Snowpark during the last days of 2017 Winter, one of the least snowy season in the Alps of the last years.

However, this did not stop our fellow adventurers: some of the best Italian snowboarders and freeskiers, including Simon Gruber, Marco Grigis, Denis Battisti and Stefano Benchimol.

Secret Session is the story of this special day of late winter and of waiting for the right time to go down to the valley.


Production  //  Pongofilms
Director  //  Marco Brandoli
DoP  //  Gianpiero Puricella
Cinematographer  //  Marco Brandoli – Gianpiero Puricella – Lorenzo Verdinelli
Photographer  //  Lorenzo Verdinelli
Editor  //  Marco Brandoli
Colorist  //  Marco Brandoli
Production Manager  //  Gian Luca Zanetti


Sony FS7 MK II
Sony A7SII
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon CN-E Prime Lenses Kit
Ronin M


Audio Network Italia
Anvil  //  LORN


SecretSession_MadonnadiCampiglio_2017-04-18 058_photoFizza
SecretSession_MadonnadiCampiglio_2017-04-18 034_photoFizza
SecretSession_MadonnadiCampiglio_2017-04-13 002_photoFizza
SecretSession_MadonnadiCampiglio_2017-04-13 004_photoFizza
SecretSession_MadonnadiCampiglio_2017-04-17 015_photoFizza

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