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On 14, nov 2017 | In | By admin

“Secret Session” – A Brotherhood Story

The project produced for Funivie Madonna di Campiglio, was shooted at Ursus Snowpark during the last days of the winter 2016/2017, one of season with poorest snow conditions for Italian ski resorts.A special obstacle and some of the best italian snowboarder and freeskier, including Simon Gruber, Marco Grigis, Denis Battisti, Stefano Benchimol, and with Andrea Conci, Federico Olivieri, Luca Girardi also one of the shapers, are the actors of our film.

CLIENT // Funivie Madonna di Campiglio
PRODUCTION // Pongofilms
DIRECTOR // Marco Brandoli
DOP // Gianpiero Puricella
CINEMATOGRAPHER // Marco Brandoli-Gianpiero Puricella-Lorenzo Verdinelli
PHOTOGRAPHER // Lorenzo Verdinelli
EDITOR // Marco Brandoli
COLORIST // Marco Brandoli
Music by:
Audio Network Italia
Anvil // LORN